July 17th, 2015 • On our way to the Visual Art Workshop in Marianowo, Poland, we took a couple of days to spend in Berlin – where we previously stayed just after the Gludsted Workshop in 2013 and loved it. I left this city under the impression that I could learn this language and that there was much much more to be seen. And here we are again! I am so happy to stay! Here are my first impressions of the works we have met in the Four Museums we’ve visited so far. We also went to Boesner kunstleaterialien (first two pics). The set of pictures down here show some of my favorite pieces in Alte Nationalgalerie which presented an special exhibition called ImEx featuring the impressionism and expressionism. Loved it.

On the 18th, Nossa visita à loja Boesner e nosso hotel:

And, after one night sleep we could recover ourselves from the 6h jetleg + nosleep planetrip, we visited the Alte Nationalgalerie, which, besides from the good collection also showed a very very special exhibition called Im Ex – approaching impressionism and expressionism not only in Germany but throughout Europe (but what really got me were the German expressionists).

On the same day, we visited the Neues Museum, which, besides from the incredible architecture building history, has Nefertiti and many other amazing artefacts.

The pictures below were taken by me in a mobile phone under the intention of registering references to me somehow. They are terrible photographs and I apologise for that! :)